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This grassroots coalition was initially formed in 2009 as a collaboration between two previously existing prevention groups: Tobacco-Free Montcalm and Montcalm Coalition to Prevent Underage Drinking (MCPUD).  

The new formed group was then called Drug-Free Montcalm.  In 2012, the Medication Disposal Coalition of Montcalm County came under the Drug-Free umbrella.  In 2013, Drug-Free Montcalm became YOUTHINK Montcalm, then in late 2016, the name was again changed to Montcalm Prevention Collaborative (MPC).  The more recent name change carried with it the goal and mission of more easily marketing the Coalition to the public but also to extend an invitation to other prevention and community groups that are doing great things in Montcalm County. 

Over the years, the mission and passion of the coalition/collaborative has always been the same and is now reflected in our tagline: One County. One Cause.  We realize that in order to make Montcalm County as safe and substance free as it can be, it takes us all working together.

The members of MPC include concerned parents, community members, area business folks, other organization representatives, and more recently youths that are willing and able to roll up their sleeves to help make a difference in Montcalm County.  The coalition is governed by a member elected Board of Directors with the day-to-day work being overseen by Phil Millerov, Coalition Coordinator.  

Our Coalition work is currently funded through a grant from the federal Drug-Free Communities Support Program with approved work in two major areas: underage drinking and prescription drugs, and two minor areas: tobacco and marijuana.  We are currently in year 8 of our 10 year grant cycle.  Our primary goal is to continue to invite people, including yourself, to the table to help in building long term coalition sustainability to continue the prevention work in Montcalm County.

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