The Safe Prom Experience

Preventing Substance Misuse

Created by the Montcalm Prevention Youth Club in 2022, the Safe Prom Experience (kicked off in Greenville High School, followed by Tri County and Lakeview in 2024) is the ability for teens to enjoy Prom and not be tempted to partake in any alcoholic substances, nicotine or other drugs. Prom is an area where teens can be tempted by alcohol, marijuana, and especially vaping pressure; three substances that easily find their way into student environments. Through the Safe Prom Experience, students make the commitment to attend prom safely and substance free, and in exchange, they receive a free prom ticket, free round trip travel with a chartered bus ride, a catered dinner, and photos taken by a professional photographer!

Thank you to Greenville, Lakeview, and Tri County High School seniors and Montcalm Youth Prevention Club members for taking on this initiative!